Open Global Health

We are a loose community that tries to open the scientific surroundings of Global Health research. Were are focusing on Open Access, Open Research and Open Data.

1. Open Access: Scholarly papers in global health are often locked in subscription-based journals or decentralized conference proceedings. This requires concrete policy advocacy to convince scientists and publishers to embrace open access. Furthermore, since the latest research results are firstly reported in conferences, an online public depository for such abstracts and proceedings would improve accessibility and affordability.



2. Open Research: Statistical analysis codes in global health research are rarely shared due to prominent use of proprietary software and click-and-point interfaces. We would like to bring more online and offline workshops teaching how to use free and open source software and how to write reproducible codes for global health practitioners.

3. Open Data: Patient confidentiality and national laws restrict how, with whom, and where data can shared. We respect such legal requirements and privacy concern. We seek to find alternative solutions, such as data simulation and interactive visualization, which may help improve research reproducibility and user experience.


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