Elective abroad – Pre/Post course

Things it covers/major sections:

INTRODUCTION/CONTEXT: What’s going on in the world of global health? (Morning 1)

  • Issues faced by developed v. developing nations
  • How do issues like economies, infrastructure, and political contexts have the potential to affect the health care system of a given country?
  • Health contexts of different nations/what’s going on? (Transition to safety section)


SAFETY: The primary goal of any study abroad experience: keeping students alive. (Morning 1)

ETHICS: Balancing what you know how to do, what you have a responsibility to do, and what you probably shouldn’t do. (Afternoon 1)
http://ethicsandglobalhealth.org/index.shtml -> (Example of health and ethics online workshop students)
Charité should foster a culture of harm prevention for patients and students and adopt a robust
CROSS-CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING: Navigating healthcare in places where healthcare means something completely different (WHAT IS “HEALTH?”)(Morning 2/Early afternoon 2)

The developed world does not have a monopoly on good ideas.

GLOBALIZATION: These different systems are coming together in good, bad, and weird ways: how can we as future doctors prepare for this? (Afternoon 2/Wrap-up)


Draft for a Pre-Elective program can be found here:

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