Who we are

Welcome+med is a newly funded initiative of medical students striving to establish projects for reliable and long term work with and for refugees in Berlin.

We thereby focus not only on organizing support for the local medical aid programs (e.g. in the emergency accommodations), but also and at least as importantly on establishing personal contacts with students among the refugees in order to make clear that they are welcome and valued here.

What We do

We are currently working on the four projects you can see to the right. However, us being a new group, there is still a lot of flexibility.

Who we would really like to join

We are happy about all motivated fellow students who are willing to spend part of their free time in order to stand up for this part of our society. Fresh ideas are just as welcome as suitable language skills, so don't hesitate and write to us!

We are looking forward to welcoming you in the team!

AG Welcome+med

Seeking Contact.

We are establishing contacts to students of medicine or related areas among the refugees in Berlin. We are happy to have them join in on our other projects, however, this is mainly for same-level encounters that harbor benefits for both sides - for example providing opportunities for personal, language and study related exchange.

Medical Aid.

We as students of medicine want to take part in the medical care that is provided to refugees all over Berlin. For this, we are in close contact with different initiatives (Medizin hilft Flüchtlingen, Moabit hilft, Charité hilft) that are active in that field and can provide the structural framework for integrating motivated students into their practice.

Secondly, we work to establish our own consultation hours. With this, we aim to facilitate access to the matching health care professionals for long term treatment.

Lastly, we will organize accompaniment for visits at doctors' practices. By matching patients with suitable students or translators, we can help surmount obstacles such as finding the practice or language barriers.