Post Conference Note – Mental Healthcare for Refugees in Berlin

In January, the Global Health AG organized a conference and workshops on mental health care services for refugees in Berlin.
We were happy to host about 80 participants from NGOs, the political sector, from hospitals, practices and universities that got together to hear about and to discuss the challenges of mental health care services for refugees in Berlin. For the first part, our speakers approached the topic form different perspectives highlighting administrative, political, scientific as well as cultural dimensions. For the afternoon and the second part of the event, we split into two workshops groups that discussed research in mental health care for refugees and the current situation of mental health care services for refugees in Berlin. Aside from connecting different stakeholders involved in the provision of mental health care, the latter workshop formulated claims against the Senate of Berlin asking for:
1. guidelines regarding mental health care services for emergency accommodation providers,
2. a concept for the financing of qualified interpreters as well as
3. a unification of existing services through comprehensive coordination across districts.
For a more detailed account check out the website of Mechthild Rawert, Member of the Bundestag, or simply get in touch (

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