Speaker confirmed on UAEM-Europe Conference

“Access to Medicines” is mostly viewed as an issue in the global south.

With the recent developments in treatment for Hepatitis C (I won’t touch the whole Gilead box here and now!) and  a steady increasing cost of personalized cancer treatments this situation might change soon, leaving each and every person touched by the question of how much health is still a basic human right.

Now more than ever the work of UAEM becomes important and it is simply fortunate that they will be holding their European Conference in April this yeat at the Charité!

So far confirmed as speaker is:

PD Dr. Marcus Schladebach
Marcus Schladebach is private lecturer at the University of Potsdam for public law, in particular European community law, international law and European and international economic law.


To learn more about the conference visit the website (under ongoing improvment but still convincing)  here


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